About Us

The Redwood Region is one of the oldest Odyssey regions in California, starting back in 1986. Ours is a very diverse region, its 397 mile length covering cities and rural areas, redwood forests, lakes, vineyards, and the ocean, yet our volunteers are always focused on what's most important - our regional teams and their experiences in Odyssey.
Regional Directors: Bob Lipman
Email: blipman@comcast.net
Cathy Parker
Email: msphvs@comcast.net
Board Members:
Treasurer - Betsy Clarke
Volunteer Coordinator - Denyse Caven
Merchandise - Kay Hawkins
Dorothy Fast
Merritt Booster
Regional Problem Captains:
Problem 1 "Triathlon Travels" - Xander Santos
Problem 2   "Emoji, Speak for Yourself" - Ed Malaret
Problem 3  "Classics...Mockumentary! Seriously?" - Merritt Booster
Problem 4  "Animal House" - Carol Newman
Problem 5  "A Stellar Hangout"- Kristen Friend
Spontaneous - Cathy Parker
Primary "We're Cooking Now" - ????
Scoreroom - Danit Cave